Artistry is when an individual applies their creative skill towards their vision with the aim of birthing something truly timeless. Everything we do is inspired by the classics. We respect and value simplicity.
The most important ingredient in our kitchen is love and we are so grateful to share in this special moment with you.

The Og's

The Og’s

Classic Fry Up

2 fried eggs, crispy bacon, breakfast sausage,spicy tomato relish, rocket & mushroom salad served with a slice of toast 125


Breakfast Bun

Toasted brioche bun with a crispy fried egg, bacon, mature cheddar, caramelised onion, chakalaka, rocket & burger mayo served with our hand-cut double-fried chips 105

Our Shakshuka

A smoky tomato & red pepper sauce with 2 poached eggs finished off with crumbled feta and fresh herbs served with a slice of toast 75


Classic Egg Scramble

Straight Up 80
Add Bacon 45
Add breakfast sausage 40
Add avo 25

Our egg scramble is done with 3 free range eggs and is served with a slice of toast

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Plain 60
Add Double Thick Yoghurt add 20
Add In House Baked Muesli add 35

Things On Toast

Things On Toast

Avo On Toast

Smashed Avo with hints of chilli, lemon, and red onion topped with fresh rocket and crumbled feta served on a slice of toast 90


Artistry Eggs Benedict

2 poached eggs, crispy bacon, rocket and a chipotle hollandaise sauce served on a crispy potato rosti 125

Nutella French Toast

Brioche bread soaked in an eggs, toasted till golden brown served with whipped cream and Nutella sauce 120